Uni tomorrow for Griffith

" where the eff did november, december, january and february go???? "

-via text, from Kate

Found on one of those facebook groups entitled "I work in retail and it blows... etc etc"

I don't get this at all.

Good feelings are good

It's a good feeling when you find something you thought you had lost. Like your virginity or your kidneys. Or a $50 gift card you got at christmas.
Oh, and The Unborn was okay. It scared me. I guess horror movies are supposed to. And I guess right.
But it also dealt with issues surrounding the elderley, anti-semitism and teenage pregnancy.
It reminded me of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's but I imagine they'd be very similar movies.

pineapple vinegar

There was also this Japanese drink.

It's not as ritzy as Golf Mike or Pink white Lemon Tea Pink Lemonade thing, but it crosses a line never the less.
Today I went and saw the Unborn movie with David. I also scored these weird Thai drinks for just 99 cents each! Jealous?

This one is Fruit White Tea pink Lemonade. It describes itself as "Ready to drink Puriku fruit white tea pink lemonade brand with lemon and pomegranate juice".

This one is Golf Mike. It even has these weird 'instructions' on the side.

And they have their own website http://www.puriku.com/
And this is what it looks like.

I initially thought the black haired one was female. Now I'm not so sure. From what I can gather, they are a band called "Golf Mike". Whether the band is named after the drink, or this drink is like, band merchandice and contains their sweat, is a mystery.

Don't you wish you could pull off the matching jackets look as well as Golf Mike?

I even tried to join their fan club, but was thwarted by my lack of Thai language abilities. Story of my life.

I also clicked on a link that I suspected might be in English. But when the page came up with this and took ages to load I suspected I was being hypnotised, so I closed it.


Nowadays I only see a handful of my highschool friends on a regular basis. But thanks to myspace/facebook I can assume with relative confidence that they're all still alive.

Anna and I have known each other since grade 8. And we had the biggest torrid love affair in like grade 9. And by torrid love affair, I mean dilemma over whether or not I should ask her out. It probably lasted around 2 weeks. At the time it seemed very dramatic. Nowadays I see her at random points through-out the year. On Wednesday she invited me to meet up to drink up at 9am. I regretfully declined. For 1 - Being somewhere at 9 means getting up at at least 8.30 and I haven't done that all holidays. 2 - getting drunk at 9am is commendable, but a little intense. As seniors we wear in the same Chem, Bio, English and Chinese classes. And in the downstairs bio room we sat at the same back bench with Daniel and Mitchell and occasionally Emily. And we can both vividly remember Daniel braking open that petri dish full of bacteria and the teacher going completely nuts. She's also an avid collector of penguin stuff. But according to her she wouldn't want a pet penguin because they smell.

Once we went to Mindy's house when her family wasn't home and she showed us into her mother's room and where she kept her crotchless panties. True story. And at some other point at her house I attempted to smoke my first cigarette but got smoke in my eye and totally freaked out. I was a weenie. Oh yeah we also went to this small b'day party (possibly a 16th) ages ago and she intentionally dressed like a 60's go go dancer. It wasn't a costume party. She looked totally awesome though. And she kept telling everyone her shoes were this "Fetish brand". By the end of the night I remember her pink polka dot stockings had been reduced to rags. And all the Passion Pop was finished. She used to work at Hungry Jacks at Grand Plaza, had a stylish blonde mullet in grade 12 and was one of those girls who had been smoking since god knows when. She was in my Modern History class in grade 12. What she's up to now I have no real idea. There is however a photo of her in a cardboard box on her facebook. Oh Oh Oh!! And we also went to Best & Less one time and bought these gigantic granny panties and then gave them to her sister who was dealing with a weight problem.

In grade 10 I was moved from Ms Hopkins maths class because I was too dumb. Instead of taking advantage of the easier work load in my new class, I sat next to Haimish and messed around. He drew funny pictures of our teacher, made up funny scenarios about our teacher inappropriately touching Jazz, the African exchange student and we'd look out the window and distract ourselves with wildlife. Also we'd make fun of the really fat teacher who came in to give extra help to all the math flunkies. We later found out that she could speak Croatian like our other friends in that class, Alan and Alex . Which was really bad, because we were always making fun of her massive camel toe. And they'd always speak in Croatian. And at Chloe's 16th or 17th or whatever when we were all making a whirlpool in her pool, the constant circular motion, aquatic environment and excess of soft drink somehow hypnotised us into laughing at everything. I'm convinced it was a cosmic experience. How else could the line "There's a Lido. I want one!" be funny otherwise? I saw him last at Sam's 18th at Uber, one year out of high school. I was mildly intoxicated and pretty much repeated everything I just said here to him. I wonder if he ever gets sick of hearing it all.


2008 memories

I think now's the right time to let you know... that I go to other people's houses... and put their fruit on my crotch.



I simply ask that you be patient and supportive.

creeepy site

from a Japanese magazine

If Michael Jackson were Japanese he'd so be into this.

Have they not heard of a little something called operation human shield?

Fat people make great cover.

2009 resolution

  • Obsess more

raunchy newt video

If u want to see more newts, you too can type 'pet newt' into youtube.
Last night we made a ouijia board out of discarded cardboard. Our attempt to contact the netherworld lasted around 4 minutes. Mostly 4 minutes of nothing.
We did however get to hear this great story about this girl who was friends with this other girl in highschool and she didn't want to do ouiji but they did ouiji. And her friend came over to her house and they did ouiji and a spirit walked down her hallway and the girl got really freaked out because she didn't want to do ouiji and now they aren't friends anymore cuz they did ouiji.


Martin Eder

Is someone I'd like to slow dance with.

Remember when...

Possibly the worst reply ever in an attempt to appear innocent. And I never went to the final Monday lecture like I said I would. Or anymore tutorials for that matter. *sigh* If only you could trust your friends to forge your signature and your teachers to never notice. Is but a dream.

23. 02. 08


Battle Royale

i've created the tournament chart to show exactly how it will play out.
Bjork and Yoko will face off, as will lawn mower and Mcguyver. The winners then fight eachother (not shown in graph). That winner (either Yoko, Bjork, lawn mower or Mcguyver) will then fight Ghandi. Whoever beats Ghandi will have to face all three original Iron Chefs at once.
And the victor of that match, whether the challenger or the iron chefs, is the ultimate champion and wins the cartoon picture of a treasure chest.

Obviously this is a must read.

Who would win in a fight between

Bjork and Yoko Ono?

Both pacifists. Both old.
I figure my dad goes out of his way to buy weird shaped bread.

These ones look like mittens.


Iranian pop art

Today I travelled all the way into the city to attend a seminar on art. I asked a friend if she wanted to go with me to an 'art lecture'.
Without question she agreed. She's enthusiastic like that. And she even had an important dinner date with another friend at 8. So she was like really dedicated to seeing this seminar she knew nothing about.
Upon arrival she asked me what the hell we were doing. Apparently she had just been informed that I was attending a lecture and didn't want to sit alone. Just as we arrived at the venue I informed her it was The Life of Art: Contemporary Representations from Iran and the Arab World .
Amidst a crowd of over 30's and what appeared to quite possibly be a 15 year old in a beret we chugged down the free wine and horsedourves like the sophisticated art aficionados we were.

The seminar was also good. Even with no knowledge of "visual arts from the Middle east and North Africa". And even after sitting through the lame, semi-rhetorical questions from the audience at the end.

Memorable moment

Lady 1: We're about to get started if you could start going in. You just can't take the drinks in I'm sorry :)

Liam: No problems :)

1 second later

Lady 2: We're starting. So could you move into the theatre :( *struts away*

Liam: Bitch, I'm drinking wine.

Liam's friend: Liam, she's right behind you. I think she heard you.


Weird shaped bread. It also kinda tasted as if it were weirdly shaped.

Tan hand

Inspired by this guy in my Japanese class last year, I decided to tan my hand. Just the left one. From the wrist down. I left the palm untanned however, to retain that natural look. It didn't last long. Tanning my hand everyday seemed too excessive.