Monday, 20th July, 2009

We went to a river today. The same river in this picture. Of course, it wasn't the same event. No guy in elf hat and grass skirt. Alas.
But we did see a dead dog carcass float by.
Let me set the scene.
5 Koreans, 2 Thais, 3 Australians, 1 American. (Several foreigners) + 1 Japanese.
All in a river.
Covered in water.
Dead dog carcass.
In the very same river.
And it's not even the first dead dog we've seen in that river. What the fuck! Jealous?
There are some movies that you'll agree to disagree about. These 2 movies however, are no such movies.
If you don't go out and see these movies, enjoy them and willingly take a bullet for them should the need arise - then I think we need to see other people.

Just from me to you, Marie Antoinette's soundtrack is somekind of demi-god.

And as if "From the writer of BRING IT ON" didn't already sell Stick It, anyone who spent more than a few wasted childhood afternoons in a gym (having your Russian coach abuse you while you dislocate your ankle on a dismount) will feel completely at home mid-screening.
But for those who had normal parents, not hell bent on you becoming an elite gymnast (and a cripple at 16) the dialogue ought to keep you amused. "Anything to get out of this 'tard."